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Prestigious and forward-thinking law firms realize competitive advantage is created, in part, by strategically placing attorneys in key positions. Therefore, preeminent firms often turn to Rifkin Consulting … our attorney recruiters help them identify the most talented attorneys in the nation, across all disciplines of law.

Rifkin Consulting’s premier access to firm chairs, managing partners, practice group leaders, and recruiting directors helps us deliver quality market intelligence and greater opportunities to our candidates. Our innovative, internal processes lead to perfect matches for our candidates and we’ve earned a reputation as one of California’s leading legal placement firms. We become trusted advisors to our candidates, as they rely on us to be their strongest advocate during important career transitions.                                                     


At Rifkin Consulting, we value long term relationships over short term transactions.

Whether you are a Partner, Counsel or Associate attorney, your reasons for considering a career move are unique, yet all have one goal in common…career satisfaction.   We take the time to understand your career objectives and present carefully-tailored opportunities to meet those goals.  

At no cost to our candidates, our recruiting services include:

  • Strategic assessment of candidate goals, strengths, weaknesses, skills
  • Assistance with proper resume revision and submission documentation
  • Match candidates to positions in law firms which reflect their values and ideals
  • Provide current information regarding a firm’s culture, compensation, practice group dynamics and reputation to help candidates make informed decisions
  • Guide candidates through the hiring and interviewing process
  • Compensation negotiation assistance, coordination regarding relocation where relevant
  • Career planning and strategic goal setting to help define your career path
  • Continued support for candidates after placement

Recruiters at Rifkin Consulting have a large database of attorney job opportunities in most practice areas throughout California and nationwide. Additionally, our longstanding relationships with firms and companies often place us in the enviable position of accessing jobs that are unlisted.   

If you are an Attorney interested in exploring opportunities, contact us today for a confidential consultation. We guarantee you will be impressed by our approachability and responsiveness.

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